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Darkish matter is flowing by way of you, proper now.

This mysterious, invisible stuff makes up greater than 80% of the universe, an elusive net of particles that cross freely by way of matter. To look at it, you need to eliminate all of the interference.

To review the stuff of the universe, you need to block the universe out.

That’s what the Australian Analysis Council’s centre of excellence for darkish matter particle physics is doing a kilometre underground, in a disused goldmine beneath the city of Stawell in regional Victoria.

Stawell’s goldmine the place a crew of Australian scientists are researching darkish matter. {Photograph}: ARC Centre of Excellence for Darkish Matter Particle Physics

There, a cavern is being reworked right into a lab for darkish matter hunters, and it’s on monitor to be completed by the top of the yr.

Swinburne college astronomer Alan Duffy, the director of the house know-how and trade institute, describes darkish matter as a “ghost”.

“Darkish matter is a cloud that surrounds us … it flies by way of us, by way of stable partitions, by way of the Earth,” he says, likening it to the wind that’s seen solely by way of its results.

“It types monumental universe-spanning buildings, cosmic webs, and the galaxies we are able to see and dwell inside lie alongside darkish matter filaments like morning dew on a spider’s net within the yard.

“As you learn this, you’ll be experiencing just a few hundred million particles per second, of which perhaps a pair will really collide along with your atoms over the course of a day.”

The overwhelming majority of the particles cross by way of you, with simply a few unfortunate ones glancing off certainly one of your atoms.

That’s why you want radio silence to identify them.

The centre’s chief investigator, Phillip Urquijo, says whereas greater than 80% of the mass of the universe is product of darkish matter, it’s only seen by way of its interactions with different matter – its gravitational impact.

And observing which means blocking out interference from different particles. Radiation from the solar, and from the radioactive decay of odd matter, and from radioactive particles which have contaminated metals for the reason that first atomic bombs have been set off (extra on that later) all mess with the image.

Inside the lab for dark matter hunters
The lab for darkish matter hunters is because of be accomplished within the new yr. {Photograph}: ARC Centre of Excellence for Darkish Matter Particle Physics

On the lab, there may be 1,000 metres of rock between the researchers and the floor, slabs of rock to dam cosmic rays. However wait – there’s extra.

“We put the experiment deep underground, as deep as we might in Australia, in one of many first working goldmines,” Urquijo says. “We are able to block out the solar’s cosmic rays, however the rock and any materials that we use within the building of the experiment can comprise naturally occurring radioactivity.”

The cavern is roofed with a web and sprayed over with a kind of concrete. Then there’s the seek for pure steel.

The leftover sprinkles of radioactive mud from atomic bombs have contaminated metals for the reason that second world struggle, that means many individuals attempting to detect darkish matter should supply metals from earlier than the bombs have been set off. From historical shipwrecks, for instance.

“Whenever you produce metal, you will have a mix of recent metal from iron ore and recycled iron. Metal produced throughout and for the reason that second world struggle … plenty of metal ended up with a element of radioactivity that was remnants from weapons testing,” Urquijo says. “One possibility is salvaging ships, historical Roman ships and sunken submarines from a very long time in the past which have been sitting on the backside of the ocean, the place cosmic rays haven’t penetrated.”

That’s what many darkish matter hunters have needed to do – however Urquijo says they’ve managed to supply a purer model of metal, and Duffy says they’ve put in some safeguards.

Duffy, who can be a chief investigator on the challenge, says not like different tasks which have salvaged lead ingots from 2000-year-old sunken Roman galleys, they’ve arrange a “veto system”.

The crew created the purest crystals attainable, sodium iodide crystals with decrease ranges of any form of contamination than any produced earlier than.

These pure crystals that can glow when a particle hits them are stored in copper tubes, inside a metal vessel, surrounded by a particular liquid that may also glow when it’s struck by a particle (it’s referred to as a scintillator liquid).

“We’re now wanting in two locations for this flash of sunshine,” he says.

“If the crystal glows, we take a look at the liquid round it, and if the liquid has additionally flashed, we all know it could actually’t be darkish matter, as a result of the probabilities the darkish matter has hit atoms twice is infinitesimally small.”

Inside the lab for dark matter hunters
The Stawell challenge is a part of the Sodium Iodide with Lively Background Rejection Experiment. {Photograph}: ARC Centre of Excellence for Darkish Matter Particle Physics

Consider these hundreds of thousands of particles flowing by way of you proper now, and the way hardly ever one pings off an atom. A unique particle is more likely to hit the water, then that pure, compact crystal. Two flashes. The wily darkish matter particle although, is so unlikely to hit something that there shall be just one flash.

Astronomers have lengthy theorised about darkish matter.

For many years, darkish matter hunters appeared outwards on the behaviour of galaxies, at how mild bends, and used house telescopes to trace proof of its existence. As that proof grew, so did the realisation that darkish matter is throughout us, so it might be studied on Earth.

The Stawell challenge is a part of the Sodium Iodide with Lively Background Rejection Experiment (Sabre), which is attempting to detect darkish matter particles instantly, versus observing it not directly by way of its results. It’s the southern hemisphere associate to a comparable arrange in Italy.

Duffy says as soon as we all know extra about darkish matter, there’ll be technological spinoffs and spillovers – in the identical manner that studying the right way to cut up the atom gave us nuclear medication (and the undesirable weapons which have so contaminated the whole lot on the planet).

There’s additionally the not-insignificant function of darkish matter in guaranteeing that galaxies – and by extension, us – exist in any respect. There should be one thing on the market that gives the gravity that allowed galaxies to kind, and that also stops them from flying aside.

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“You’ll be able to create a universe in a supercomputer – which is what I do,” he says. “In the event you don’t put darkish matter in there there isn’t sufficient gravity for the galaxies to kind. We owe our very existence to the darkish matter.

“It’s a giant query about our universe that we need to reply, it was produced within the earliest moments of our universe, and it’s crucial to our understanding of basic physics.”

So the darkish matter hunters maintain searching, with the Hubble house telescope, the massive hadron collider, and a lab a kilometre beneath the Victorian countryside in an outdated goldmine.

It’s anticipated to be up and operating within the new yr. Then, Duffy says, “we await a ghost”.

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