‘They informed me I used to be grown up sufficient to maintain a secret’: unique extract from Silverview, John le Carré’s closing novel | John le Carré

At 10 o’clock of a rainswept morning in London’s West Finish, a younger girl in a saggy anorak, a woollen scarf pulled up round her head, strode resolutely into the storm that was roaring down South Audley Avenue. Her identify was Lily and he or she was in a state of emotional nervousness which at moments turned to outrage. With one mittened hand she shielded her eyes from the rain whereas she glowered at door numbers, and with the opposite steered a plastic-covered pushchair that contained Sam, her two-year-old son. Some homes had been so grand they’d no numbers in any respect. Others had numbers however belonged to the improper road.

Arriving at a pretentious doorway with its quantity painted with uncommon readability on one pillar, she climbed the steps backwards, hauling the pushchair after her, scowled at a listing of names beside the house owners’ bell buttons, and jabbed the bottom.

“Simply give the door a push, expensive,” a kindly girl’s voice suggested her over the speaker.

“I want Proctor. She mentioned Proctor or nobody,” Lily mentioned, straight again.

“Stewart’s on his method now, expensive,” the identical soothing voice introduced, and seconds later the entrance door opened to disclose a stalky, bespectacled man in his mid-50s, with a leftward lean to his physique, and a protracted beakish head tilted in semi-humorous inquiry. A matronly girl with white hair and a cardigan stood at his shoulder.

“I’m Proctor. D’you need a hand with that?” he requested, peering into the pushchair.

“How do I do know it’s you?” Lily demanded in reply.

“As a result of your revered mom phoned me final night time on my personal quantity and urged me to be right here.”

“She mentioned alone,” Lily objected, scowling on the matronly girl.

“Marie takes care of the home. She’s additionally completely satisfied to lend any form of spare hand if wanted,” mentioned Proctor.

The matronly girl stepped ahead however Lily shrugged her away, and Proctor closed the door after her. Within the quiet of the doorway corridor she rolled again the plastic cowl till the highest of the sleeping boy’s head was revealed. His hair was black and curly, his expression enviably content material.

“He was awake all night time,” Lily mentioned, laying a hand on the kid’s forehead.

“Stunning,” the girl Marie mentioned.

Steering the pushchair below the staircase the place it was darkest, Lily delved in its underside and extracted a big unmarked white envelope and stood herself earlier than Proctor. His half-smile reminded her of an aged priest she’d been presupposed to confess her sins to at boarding faculty. She hadn’t preferred the college and he or she hadn’t preferred the priest and he or she didn’t intend to love Proctor now.

“I’m supposed to take a seat right here and wait when you learn it,” she knowledgeable him.

“In fact you’re,” Proctor agreed pleasantly, peering crookedly down at her via his spectacles. “And might I additionally say, I’m very, very sorry?”

“In case you’ve acquired a message again, I’m to provide it to her by mouth,” she mentioned. “She doesn’t need telephone calls, texts or emails. Not from the Service or anybody. Together with you.”

“That’s all very unhappy too,” Proctor commented after a second of sombre reflection, and, as if solely now waking to the envelope he was holding in his hand, he poked at it speculatively together with his bony fingers: “Fairly an opus, I have to say. What number of pages, would you suppose?”

“I don’t know.”

“House stationery?” – nonetheless poking – “Can’t be. No one has dwelling stationery this dimension. Simply regular typing paper, I suppose.”

“I haven’t seen inside. I informed you.”

“In fact you probably did. Effectively” – with a comic book little smile that momentarily disarmed her – “to work, then. Appears as if I’m in for a protracted learn. Will you excuse me if I withdraw?”

In a barren sitting room on the opposite facet of the doorway corridor Lily and Marie sat dealing with one another in lumpy tartan chairs with wood arms. On a scratched glass desk between them lay a tin tray with a Thermos of espresso and chocolate digestive biscuits. Lily had rejected each.

“So how is she?” Marie requested.

“In addition to might be anticipated, thanks. Whenever you’re dying.”

“Sure, it’s all terrible, in fact. It at all times is. However in her spirit, how is she?”

“She’s acquired her marbles, if that’s what you imply. Doesn’t do morphine, doesn’t maintain with it. Comes down for supper when she will be able to handle.”

“And nonetheless enjoys her meals, I hope?”

Proctor’s room was small and darkish, with grubby internet curtains, very thick. He positioned himself on the far wall. Lily didn’t just like the set of his face

Unable to take extra of this, Lily marched to the corridor and busied herself with Sam till Proctor appeared. His room was smaller than the primary and darker, with grubby internet curtains, very thick. Involved to protect a respectful distance between them, Proctor positioned himself subsequent to a radiator on the far wall. Lily didn’t just like the set of his face. You’re the oncologist at Ipswich hospital, and what you’re about to say is for shut household solely. You’re going to inform me she’s dying, however I do know that, so what’s left?

“I’m taking it with no consideration that you realize what your mom’s letter says,” Proctor started flatly, now not sounding just like the priest she wouldn’t confess to, however anyone much more actual. And seeing her brace herself for denial: “Its common thrust anyway, if not its precise contents.”

“I informed you already,” Lily retorted roughly. “Not its common thrust or anything. Mum didn’t inform me and I didn’t ask.”

It’s the sport we used to play within the dormitory: how lengthy are you able to stare out the opposite lady with out blinking or smiling?

“All proper, Lily, let’s take a look at it one other method,” Proctor steered with infuriating forbearance. “You don’t know what’s within the letter. You don’t know what it’s about. However you’ve informed this or that buddy that you just had been popping as much as London to ship it. So who’ve you informed? As a result of we actually must know.”

“I’ve not informed one single fucking phrase to anyone,” Lily mentioned, straight into the expressionless face throughout the room. “Mum mentioned don’t, so I didn’t.”



“I do know little or no of your private circumstances. However the little I do know tells me you need to have a associate of some type. What did you say to him? Or if it’s a her, to her? You possibly can’t merely vanish out of your stricken family for a day with out providing an excuse of some variety. What extra human than to say, fairly by the best way, to a boyfriend, girlfriend, pal – even to some informal acquaintance – ‘Guess what? I’m popping as much as London to hand-deliver a supersecret letter for my mom’?”

“You’re telling me that’s human? For us? To speak like that to one another? To an off-the-cuff acquaintance? What’s human is, Mum mentioned she didn’t need me to inform a residing soul, so I didn’t. Plus I’m indoctrinated. By your lot. I’m signed up. Three years in the past they held a pistol to my head and informed me I used to be grown up sufficient to maintain a secret. Plus I haven’t acquired a associate, and I haven’t acquired a bunch of girlie buddies I bubble to.”

The staring recreation once more.

“And I didn’t inform my father, both, if that’s what you’re asking,” she added, in a tone that sounded extra like a confession.

“Did your mom stipulate that you just shouldn’t inform him?” Proctor inquired, quite extra sharply.

“She didn’t say I ought to, so I didn’t. That’s us. That’s our family. We tiptoe spherical one another. Perhaps your family does the identical.”

“So inform me, then, if you’ll,” Proctor went on, leaving apart what his household did or didn’t do. “Only for curiosity. What ostensible cause did you give for popping as much as London as we speak?”

“You imply what’s my cowl story?”

Three years in the past they held a pistol to my head and informed me I used to be grown up sufficient to maintain a secret

The gaunt face throughout the room brightened.

“Sure, I suppose I do,” Proctor conceded, as if cowl story had been a brand new idea to him, and a quite jolly one at that.

“We’re taking a look at a nursery faculty in our space. Close to my pad in Bloomsbury. To get Sam on the listing for when he’s three.”

“Admirable. And can you truly be doing that? an actual faculty? You and Sam? Meet the workers and so forth? Get his identify down?” – Proctor the involved uncle now, and a fairly convincing one.

“Relies upon how Sam is after I can get him out of right here.”

“Do please handle it should you can,” Proctor urged. “It makes it a lot simpler while you get again.”

“Simpler? What’s simpler?” – bridling once more – “You imply simpler to lie?”

“I imply simpler to not lie,” Proctor corrected her earnestly. “In case you say you and Sam are going to go to a college and also you go to it, and also you then go dwelling and say you’ve visited it, the place’s the lie? You’re below fairly sufficient pressure as it’s. I can barely think about how you place up with all of it.”

For a discomfiting second, she knew he meant it.

“So the query stays,” Proctor continued, returning to enterprise, “what reply ought to I ask you to take again to your extraordinarily courageous mama? As a result of she’s owed one. And will need to have it.”

He paused as if hoping for a bit assist from her. Receiving none, he went on.

“And, as you mentioned, it will possibly solely be by mouth. And you’ll have to administer it alone. Lily, I’m actually sorry. Could I start?” He started anyway. “Our reply is a direct sure to every thing. So three yesses in all. Her message has been taken to coronary heart. Her issues might be acted upon. All her circumstances might be met in full. Are you able to bear in mind all that?”

“I can do the little phrases.”

“And, in fact, a really huge thanks to her for her braveness and loyalty. And for yours too, Lily. Once more. I’m so sorry.”

“And my dad? What am I supposed to inform him?” Lily demanded, unappeased

That comedian smile, but once more, like a warning mild.

“Sure, hm. You possibly can inform him all concerning the nursery faculty you’re going to go to, can’t you? In any case, it’s why you got here as much as London as we speak.”


With raindrops spitting up at her from the pavement, Lily stored going so far as Mount Avenue, the place she hailed a cab and ordered the motive force to take her to Liverpool Avenue station. Perhaps she’d actually meant to go to the college. She now not knew. Perhaps she’d introduced as a lot final night time, though she doubted it, as a result of by then she’d determined she was by no means once more going to clarify herself to anybody. Or possibly the concept hadn’t come to her until Proctor squeezed it out of her. The one factor she knew was: she wasn’t going to go to any bloody faculty for Proctor’s sake. To hell with that, and dying moms and their secrets and techniques, and all of it.

That is an extract from Silverview, by John le Carré, printed by Penguin Books on 14 October at £20. To help the Guardian and Observer, order your copy at guardianbookshop.com. Supply expenses might apply.

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